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UPDATE: Legacy Architectural Salvage’s warehouse has reopened to the public (with limited hours) as of 9:00AM on Friday, May 15. The public can shop the warehouse from 9:00AM-2:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and by appointment on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30AM-1:00PM. Call 910.338.6443 to set up an appointment. 

Sanitation protocols will be in place to protect our community’s health and safety. Legacy’s staff, volunteers and customers are required to wear face coverings, and the warehouse will be limited to 12 customers at a time. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the warehouse, and Legacy staff and volunteers have crafted a hand-washing station at the entrance—made of salvaged materials!

Legacy Online will still be available for all those who prefer to shop online, now with curbside pick-up available on Fridays and Saturdays, 9:00AM-2:00PM.


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FEATURED ITEM: Mid-Century Modern Golden Wheat Dinnerware

Price: $65 / Item #0111

Does this pattern seem familiar to you? Here’s its backstory: In the 1950s, Duz Detergent began a promotional campaign, including a piece of 22K gold-trimmed Golden Wheat dinnerware in each box of laundry soap. Homer-Laughlin, one of the country’s largest pottery companies from the 1920s to the present day, produced the Golden Wheat dishes between 1949 and 1966. 
Each month an extra plate, bowl or serving piece was added to boxes of Duz to entice customers to buy the soap in order to acquire a full set. First, there were platters, luncheon plates, salad plates and bread & butter plates. Then came soup bowls, berry bowls, vegetable bowls and cups with saucers. Add to that sugars, creamers and gravy boats. They even made coordinated juice glasses and tumblers!  
Duz Detergent began their dinnerware promotion to gain sales over Tide. While Duz didn’t last to present day, this iconic dishware has! This is a fantastic deal for such a large matching set (27 individual pieces): 7 bread plates, 6 dinner plates, 8 tea cups and 6 saucers. Perfect for lovers of all things mid-century modern—or those interested in creative marketing tactics! 


ITEM #0114

Couch with Carved Wood Frame: $150

This antique couch has beautiful bones: We cannot get over the carved front and cresting, and oh, those sweet turned wood bun feet! The wood frame matches item #0113 (Antique Wingback Chair, $250).

Reupholstered in your favorite fabric, this couch would come alive! Fan of off-whites and soft grays? Have at it, you subtle stylist! Want to have some fun with novelty prints? Go for it, you maximalist maven! 

Measurements: 75″ long x 32″ deep x 34″ tall

ITEM #0113

Antique Wingback Chair: $250

This beautiful antique wingback chair was lovingly restored and reupholstered with out-of-this-world floral fabric—playful and lush! And check out that carved wood frame, its details and delights! Perfect for your living room or parlor of your historic home. The wood frame matches item #0114 (Couch with Carved Wood Frame, $150).

Measurements: 40″ tall x 31″ deep x 29″ wide

ITEM #0111

Mid-Century Modern Golden Wheat Dinnerware: $65

Made by Homer-Laughlin Company between 1949 and 1966, this iconic dishware was created as part of a Duz Detergent promotional campaign. Each month, an extra plate, bowl or serving piece was added to boxes of Duz, enticing customers to buy the soap in order to acquire a full set. This collectible dinnerware is perfect for lovers of all things mid-century modern—or those interested in creative marketing tactics! And it’s a fantastic deal for such a large set: 7 bread plates, 6 dinner plates, 8 tea cups and 6 saucers.
ITEM #0110

Upcycled Bird Nest Decor: $18

Much as a bird assembles its nest, this cute upcycled item was created from gathered materials: a couch spring, birds nest, vintage lace and a old stock bird from a warehouse clean-out. A precious addition to your porch or garden—and a great Mother’s Day gift for the salvage (or bird) lover in your life! 

Measurements: 9″ tall x 5″ across

ITEM #0109

Fireplace Ash Clean-Out Door: $25

A chimney clean-out door—located either behind the fireplace or outside of the house—is used to take out rubbish. Made of cast iron in the late 1800s, this fireplace ash clean-out door could certainly return to its original use of cleaning out your chimney, wood stove, or kiln. Or show off its rusty patina on your fireplace as a throwback display piece!

Measurements: 10.25″ x 10.25″ x 2″

ITEM #0107

Antique Door Plates (Set of 3): $25

These metal door plates from the early 1900s still shine! Restore an old door with these antique plates to make it really pop. If we had to guess, these plates are made of aluminium—they’re quite light!

Measurements: 6.5″ tall x 2″ wide

ITEM #0105

Cylindrical Light Fixture: $50

With a little rewiring, this hanging light fixture with etched floral glass designs would brighten your entryway or dining room! We estimate this brass piece was made sometime in the 1940s-1960s. 

Measurements: 20″ tall x 8.75″ across

ITEM #0104

Antique China Cabinet Door: $125

This beautiful cabinet door from the 1900s, complete with original door pull and hardware, would be beautiful as a stand-alone home decor piece, or the glass could be replaced with a mirror and hung above your bathroom vanity! Feeling ambitious? Build your own display cabinet and return this door to its original use! No matter how you reuse or upcycle this beauty, it’s sure to be a conversation starter. 

Measurements: 45.75″ tall x 28″ wide

ITEM #0103

Antique Mirror Surround: $85

This beautiful standing mirror surround from the 19th century, salvaged from 612 Chestnut Street, started its life atop a dresser or fireplace mantle. Return it to its original purpose by adding in a new mirror, or use it as a frame for a gallery of family photos or festive wreath. Made of old-growth wood, the carved details along the top and sides are second to none!

Measurements: 45″ tall x 37″ wide x 3″ deep

ITEM #0102

Victorian Dining Chairs (Set of 5): $175

Salvaged from 612 Chestnut Street, these gorgeous dining chairs from the 19th century are perfect for bringing your loved ones together! The care and artistry that went into crafting these each chair is impeccable, from the well-maintained cane seats to the carved crest and cross rails, stretchers, spindle legs and back posts.

Measurements: 33″ tall x 16″ deep x 16.5″ wide

ITEM #0098

Silver Wall Sconces: $40

Salvaged from a 1920s Wilmington house, these antique silver sconces would shine bright in any entryway or illuminate your historic home’s bathroom. Not in working condition, but could be rewired.

Measurements: 11″ tall x 7″ deep x 4.25″ across

ITEM #0097

Assemblage Box: $85

At Legacy Architectural Salvage, we’re all about using every piece of our history to create something beautiful—whether that’s through refinishing or, in this case, upcycling the fragments into stunning artwork for display.

This assemblage piece, composed of items from the 1800s-1900s, does just that! A cast iron flower frog from the 1920s tops the former sewing drawer, with a drawer pull repurposed as a finial. Fluted door trim stands behind and shows off a vintage wood spindle with chippy cream paint. Along the bottom, a piece of vintage tape measurer, and a base made of reclaimed wood with beautiful grain. 

This creative compilation of ephemera would make a perfect gift—perhaps for Mother’s Day!

Measurements: 24″ tall x 6″ wide x 4.5″ deep

ITEM #0096

Assemblage Box: $85

It’s amazing what happens when you combine remnants of our history with a creative vision! Take, for example, this artistic assemblage decor piece. The antique Singer sewing drawer is topped with a brass embellishment from a disintegrating Victorian photo album. Set inside, a plethora of treasures, a mix of industrial and feminine: velvety millinery flowers from a hat, a rose bud salve tin and hardware from a shutter. Drill bits line the bottom, along with vintage paper from an old ledger, stamped with the word “grace”—defined as simple elegance. This delightful piece of decor embodies that quality!

Measurements: 24″ tall x 6″ wide x 4.5″ deep

ITEM #0093

Framed Ceiling Tile: $85

Don Helms, Legacy Architectural Salvage Artist in Residence, handcrafted this reclaimed wood frame to showcase these ornate pressed ceiling tins, salvaged from the Swanzetta Hotel (c. 1900), built in Warsaw, NC.

The richly patterned, antique metal panel features a heavily embossed, gothic floral design. Delicate hints of teal come to light through the frame’s weathered cream paint. We’ve tried finding this particular ceiling tin print online and have come up blank—it’s a rare piece of history!

ITEM #0092

Instant Collection – Set of Three Vintage Magazines: $15

Add vintage charm to your coffee table with this eclectic selection of 1940s-1950s magazines: Saturday Evening Post (March 1955), Life Magazine (December 1947) and House and Garden (1942).

ITEM #0091

Instant Collection – Set of Three Vintage Fans: $65

These vintage fans from the 1930s-1940s are a perfect set, ready for display as a collection in your industrial-themed office or studio!

The smallest fan (black) is labeled as Polar Club, and the largest fan (white) was made by Montgomery Ward. The brown fan is not labeled with its manufacturer. 

Not presently operational, but could be rewired. 

Measurements: 11″ (black), 15″ (brown) and 17″ (white)

ITEM #0087

Pressed Glass Window: $50

The pressed glass in this 1900s window is simply perfection! Hang on your front porch for privacy or use as a beautiful accent window in your home.

Measurements: 33.5″ wide x 38″ tall

ITEM #0076

Diamond Wood Inlay Cheeseboard: $150

You may have heard Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” but did you know she was actually referring to wood inlays? We didn’t either, but looking at this cheeseboard, we totally get it!

You won’t find anything like this at a big-box store: Legacy volunteer and Artist-in-Residence, John Kendall, handcrafted this one-of-a-kind piece using reclaimed wood (hickory and ash). With a spread of nearly three feet, this impressive cheeseboard will quickly become your signature serveware and the envy of all! Also makes for an incredibly special and memorable gift, and wouldn’t you know it, Mother’s Day is coming up quick!

Measurements: 34″ long x 9 1/2″ wide

ITEM #0084

Vintage Porch Columns: $75

Salvaged from a 1940s home on 4th Street in Wilmington, these white-and-blue painted wood columns could be used for display in your home or garden or used as posts for shelving! 

Measurements: 45″ tall x 8″ wide

ITEM #0075

Old-Growth Wood Plank: $200

Salvaged from a local commercial building circa 1890s, this 250-year-old wood is quite rare! Dense, strong, and with literal centuries spent supporting one of Wilmington’s gorgeous downtown landmarks, this former floor joist could now be used to create a table, bench, shelf, headboard or mantel.

Measurements: 2 3/4″ x 12″ x 60″

ITEM #0074

Old-Growth Wood Plank: $150

This centuries-old former floor joist has character galore: that little green-printed G, the tight woodgrain—what a rare stunner! When the wood is this beautiful (not to mention this dense!), there’s really no end to the possibilities for its next life. For instance, use it as a stunning mantel piece in your living room or create a bold shelf! 

Measurements: 2 5/8″ x 3 3/4″ x 49″

ITEM #0073

Old-Growth Wood Plank: $175

It’s not often you run across wood that’s over 250 years old—and that’s an understatement. Take home this piece of Wilmington history, salvaged from a downtown commercial building circa 1890s, and give it a second life in your home! 

Measurements: 2 1/2″ x 12″ x 54″

ITEM #0072

Victorian Nursing Chair: $75

While this gorgeous piece of history may not look like your modern-day nursing chair, it suited the job perfectly in the Victorian era! The low seat allowed the mother, who may have been wearing a stiff corset, to interact with her other small children without bending over. This is a perfect example of the style, with intricate carvings and cabriole-style legs made of walnut (or perhaps oak). The oval back is topped with an interesting motif, floral with perhaps some pastoral elements like corn. The flame-stitch upholstery—a tasteful neutral with a hint of flair—is not original but is well-maintained! 

Measurements: 24 ½” by 40” tall by 23 ½” deep

ITEM #0070

Yellow Chest of Drawers with Reclaimed Wood Top: $125

This dresser maintains its original drawer pulls, but has been given a fantastic upgrade with some shabby chic paint and a top made of white-washed reclaimed wood.

Measurements: 44″ long x 22″ deep x 35″ tall

ITEM #0069

Brass Knobs & Lock Set: $25

Put this brass knobs and lock set back to use in a door or simply display them in all their glory!

ITEM #0067

Antique Porcelain Door Knobs: $18 each

There’s nothing like the smooth feel of a porcelain door knob! Salvaged from a Wilmington home built in the 1800s, we have 6 of these weathered white knobs in stock now. 

ITEM #0066

White Ceramic Art Deco Sconces: $65

With just a little rewiring, these ceramic sconces will shine wherever you place them—a lovely addition to any art deco-era bathroom or powder room!

Measurements: 7.75″ tall x 4.5″ wide x 5″ deep

ITEM #0065

Inset Medicine Cabinet with Beveled Mirror: $50 each

We’re lucky enough to have two of these antique wooden cabinets, made by Huttig, in stock. Though these built-ins tuck into a wall, their beveled mirror makes them pop! 

Measurements: 21.5″ wide x 25.5″ tall x 5.5″ deep

ITEM #0064

Medicine Cabinet With Fold-Out Etched Mirrors: $75

Salvaged from an 1896 farmhouse, this antique pale blue tin medicine cabinet and trifold mirror, with delicately etched glass, is simply stunning and incredibly rare.

Cabinet Measurements: 12.25″ wide x 16.5″ tall x 5″ deep
Side Mirrors Measurements: 6.25″ wide x 16.5″ tall

ITEM #0060

Antique White Corbels: $50 for set

These intricately carved wooden corbels from the 1800s once graced and supported the trim of a gorgeous old Wilmington home. These days, they would add a vintage touch to a mantel piece or could be used for shelf brackets!

Measurements: 18″ tall x 14.25″ long x 1.75″ deep

ITEM #0057

Movie Set Reproduction Windows: $45 each

While these single-pane windows with chicken wire glass are new, they were made to look old for a movie shot in Wilmington, and they are a piece of local NC film history! Given that they were designed as props, they are not built to be fully functional but would be cool to hang on a wall or in a greenhouse. Legacy has 5 in stock, thanks to the film’s crew!

Measurements: 48.75″ tall x 28″ wide

ITEM #0056

Flat-Top Steamer Storage Trunk: $125

This antique trunk from the late 1800s, made of wood and original iron hardware, would be fantastic for extra storage, doubling as a coffee table or end-of-bed bench!

Measurements: 36″ wide x 22″ tall x 19.25″ deep

ITEM #0055

Antique Screw Plate Tap & Die Set: $125

This Little Giant No. 5 Screw Plate Tap & Die set is intricate and beautifully preserved, complete in its original wooden box with printed instructions. We estimate it’s from the 1920s-1940s! 

Measurements: 25″ long x 8″ deep x 2″ tall

ITEM #0052

White Mantel with Tin Tile Detail: $150

Salvaged from a 1930’s home on 7th Street, pressed tin ceiling tiles were added to the front of this white-painted wood mantel as an adornment. Could be used as a faux fireplace or vintage-vibe headboard!

Measurements: 52.25″ long x 51″ tall x 7″ deep

ITEM #0051

Pressed Tin Ceiling Tiles: $40 per 2-panel sheet

Saved from an 1800s commercial building, these antique ceiling tiles have character that only comes with the passing of centuries. Beautiful to use as a headboard or framed with salvaged old-growth wood and used as a piece of art.

Measurements: 49″ long x 24″ tall

ITEM #0045

Small Chair: $20

We love the rustic feel of this antique wooden chair’s weathered red and blue paint! Perfect as a plant stand or even a tiny spot to display stacked books or memorabilia. 

Measurements: 14″ wide x 22″ tall

ITEM #0044

Vintage Coleman Stove: $20

This compact green metal box opens to reveal a 1950s camp stove. Once used to heat up beans and rice out in the wilderness, now a sweet addition to your home! Could be used as a mini-bar or plant stand.

Measurements: 12″ x 18″

ITEM #0043

1930s Black Metal Mailbox: $15

Maybe it’s just that spring is in the air, but we’re seeing so many ways to reuse vintage items as planters these days. This metal mailbox is no exception! And of course, you could certainly use this little gem for its original purpose, turning the mundane (junk mail, bills, catalogues) into the special.

Measurements: 5.5″ wide x 10.5″ tall

ITEM #0039

Antique Ornate Pediment: $45

Add some vintage hooks to this painted-wood pediment and create a stand-out rack for your foyer or entryway. After all, keys, purses, jackets, scarves and dog leashes all need a spot to go, why not create something special? 

Measurements: 69.75″ wide x 10.5″ tall

ITEM #0038

Pressed Ceiling Tins (Set of 3): $75

Salvaged from a 1912 Southport home, these aged beauties could be transformed into a headboard by adding a wooden frame or attached to a mirror for a full-length view before heading out the door!

Measurements: 24″ x 24″

ITEM #0037

Antique Shutters (Set of 2): $75

These antique shutters likely began their lives adorning the floor-to-ceiling windows of a grand Italianate house. Now, they could be set up as a room divider, incorporated into an eclectic hodge-podge fence or turned into a flower box.  

Measurements: 17.5″ wide x 69.75″ tall

ITEM #0032

Ironwork Pieces (Set of 3): $65

Intricate ironwork, perfect to add to your garden or use in a mixed-media project! 

Measurements: Two 38″ long pieces and one 33″ long piece

ITEM #0031

Antique Tool Chest: $45

This well-preserved tool chest has a brown metal exterior with black trim and ornate hardware. Slim and compact, the hinges open to reveal a wooden interior with original wooden compartments. 

Measurements: 32” wide x 15” tall

ITEM #0030

Gray Chest of Drawers with Dark-Stained Wood Top: $50

Our team of Legacy volunteers did a beautiful job on this shabby chic wood dresser—amazing what a little paint and time (not to mention an eclectic assortment of knobs) can do! 

Measurements: 47.5” wide x 31” tall x 17” deep

ITEM #0028

Black Carved Side Chairs (Set of 2): $35

Whimsical set of wooden, carved back chairs, ready to be transformed with a little paint and the perfect fabric!

Measurements: 41.5″ tall x 22″ wide x 18″ deep

ITEM #0027

Upholstered Wooden Armchairs (Set of 2): $65

Don’t let the early 1990s upholstery fool you: This set of vintage chairs with classic wood accents are just waiting for a new owner to return them to their former glory. 

Measurements: 36″ tall x 24″ wide x 24.5″ deep

ITEM #0026

Armless Tufted Chair with Turned-Wood Legs on Casters: $35

Reimagine this armless, tufted chair  in a fun novelty print or a classic neutral—the joy of reupholstering is that the possibilities are limitless! 

Measurements: 34” tall x 27” wide x 24” deep

ITEM #0020

1890s Mantel in White: $175

This antique mantel, made of old-growth pine and salvaged from a farmhouse built in 1896, would make a great headboard or could be used as a faux fireplace!

Measurements (Exterior): 50.5″ wide x 54″ tall
Measurements (Interior): 41″ wide x 34.5″ tall

ITEM #0019

1890s Mantel in Sage Green: $175

This antique mantel, made of old-growth pine and salvaged from a farmhouse built in 1896, would make a great headboard or could be used as a faux fireplace!

Measurements (Exterior): 52″ wide x 54″ tall
Measurements (Interior): 41″ wide x 34″ tall

ITEM #0018

Arched Red 3-Light Door: $150

Made of old-growth pine, this arched red door could not be more welcoming! Would make a fantastic gate to your outdoor garden.

Measurements: 36″ x 82″

ITEM #0017

Antique Grist Mill Wheel: $300

Keep the J. T. John Mill’s legacy churning: This wheel could be turned into a jaw-dropping table, wowing any dinner guests you invite over.

Measurements: 46″ x 46″
Origin: J. T. John Mill (Laurinburg, NC, built around 1840)


ITEM #0009-0016 and ITEM #0006 (below)

Check out our selection of old-growth pine doors, all original to the J. T. John Mill, built around 1840. 

Joanna Gaines, eat your heart out! All you need is some hardware to turn any of these antique options into a stunning sliding door!

ITEM #0016

Antique Barn Door: $75

Measurements: 37″ wide x 41″ tall

ITEM #0015

Antique Barn Door: $75

Measurements: 28″ wide x 46.5″ tall

ITEM #0014

Antique White Barn Door: $150

Measurements: 33″ wide x 79″ tall

ITEM #0013

Antique 4-Panel Door: $95

Measurements: 30″ wide x 76″ tall

ITEM #0012

Antique Barn Door with Wrought Iron: $350

Measurements: 42″ wide x 76″ tall

ITEM #0011

Weathered-White Antique Barn Door: $100

Measurements: 22″ wide x 72 3/8″ tall

ITEM #0010

Antique Barn Door: $95

Measurements: 36″ wide x 55″ tall

ITEM #0007

Antique Daybed with Green Floral Cushions (late 1800s): $225

Cozy daybed with old-growth pine frame and turned wood legs, perfect for a guest room or a sunroom! Comes with original cushions in vintage green floral fabric. Pictured with antique trunk ($75, item #0005), sold separately.

Measurements: 75″ long x 33.25″ tall x 31″ deep
Disclosure: Damage to bottom cushion (fabric tear next to zipper, missing snap button), but cushion covers are removable.

ITEM #0006

Weathered Antique 5-Panel Door: $110

Perfect for a farmhouse pantry, custom table or rustic headboard! 

Measurements: 24″ wide by 71.75″tall
Origin: J. T. John Mill (Laurinburg, NC, built around 1840)

ITEM #0005

Flat-Top Steamer Storage Trunk: $75

Fantastic for extra storage, doubling as a coffee table or end-of-bed bench!

Measurements: 34″ wide x 13″ tall
Origin: J. T. John Mill (Laurinburg, NC, built around 1840)

ITEM #0004

Red Corrugated Tin Panels: $35

Get crafty! We currently have 11 in stock, salvaged from the J. T. John Mill. These richly textured tin panels would look fantastic as a fireplace or bar surround, or even as a she-shed awning!

Measurements: 2′ x 8′ each
Origin: J. T. John Mill (Laurinburg, NC, built around 1840)

ITEM #0005

Flat-Top Steamer Storage Trunk: $75

Fantastic for extra storage, doubling as a coffee table or end-of-bed bench!

Measurements: 34″ wide x 13″ tall
Origin: J. T. John Mill (Laurinburg, NC, built around 1840)

ITEM #0004

Red Corrugated Tin Panels: $35

Get crafty! We currently have 11 in stock, salvaged from the J. T. John Mill. These richly textured tin panels would look fantastic as a fireplace or bar surround, or even as a she-shed awning!

Measurements: 2′ x 8′ each
Origin: J. T. John Mill (Laurinburg, NC, built around 1840)