HWF is no longer accepting applications for the Florence Fix-It Grant Program. You will be contacted within 60 days of application submission if you were selected as a grant recipient.

Thank you to all who donated to support this effort!


Florence Fix-It Grant Program

At Historic Wilmington Foundation (HWF), our mission is to preserve and protect the irreplaceable. In the aftermath of the hurricane, we are fulfilling this mission by launching a grant program that helps owners of old houses remedy storm-related home damage.

The Florence Fix-It Program gives small grants to owners of old houses, “old” being defined as built prior and up to 1943. Homes must be located in New Hanover, Brunswick or Pender counties, and do not have to be located in an historic district.

HWF’s fund for the program is limited, and once it is depleted, it won’t be replenished. Grant disbursements can be used for home repairs, insurance deductibles, or both. This program’s funds are ONLY for home damage caused due to Hurricane Florence.

Completed applications are reviewed via committee. Decisions to award grants are based on the exclusive discretion of the HWF review committee, which has the right to make a grant or decline to make a grant for any reason. Applicants will be notified via email within 60 days of application submission whether they have been awarded a grant. Grant applicants that receive a grant will also receive a complimentary Historic Wilmington Foundation membership. If an applicant applies after the Florence Fix-It fund is depleted, the applicant will be notified as such via email.
The deadline to submit applications was November 30, 2018. Grant applications submitted after the deadline date will not be reviewed.