2021 Preservation Awards

Each year, Historic Wilmington Foundation honors the very special people enacting our mission through exemplary preservation efforts through adaptive reuse, rehabilitation, and restoration.

(Want to peruse our past Preservation Awards recipients? CLICK HERE to view our 2020 winners, and CLICK HERE for 2019!)


 definition: a building that has been preserved and revamped for a purpose other than its intended original use

Padgett Station (former Neuwirth Building, 520 North 3rd Street)

Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority – Wave Transit

Common Desk (former Gaylord Building, 226 North Front Street)

East West Partners & Common Desk

Hi-Wire Brewing (former Buick Oldsmobile Dealership, 1020 Princess Street)

Andrew Hewitt, Paramount Real Estate & Development


definition: a building that has been fixed up with a respectful nod to history yet not necessarily faithfully restored

205 East Leonard Street

Carol J. Bailey

CLICK HERE to read about the renovation of Southport’s Dosher-Hardee House (205 East Leonard Street)!

Solomon Building: 1 South Front Street

James Goodnight, Dean Neff, Maurer Architecture, and Old School Rebuilder & Co.

701 South 2nd Street

Charles Franklin Alexander III


definition: a building that’s exterior has been brought back to its original glory, with great effort taken to replicate use of materials employed at the time of construction

714 Market Street

Jeff & Ashley Walton

610 Dock Street

John & Shameem Ravelli

302 South 3rd Street

Dale & Pat Nixon and Intracoastal Roofing & Construction


The David Brinkley Award honors extraordinary preservation work of large scale, scope, and effort.

Public Archaeology Corps

Given that archaeological sites on private land are not protected, many are lost to development each year. The careful study of an intact site by professional archaeologists often adds to what we know about history; when an archaeological site is lost, a piece of history is lost as well. 

Public Archaeology Corps is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization consisting of professional archaeologists, historians, and private citizens united in their concern over the rapid loss of archaeological sites. Under the direction of professional archaeologists, PAC volunteers excavate privately-owned sites, allowing untrained members of the community to directly participate in the preservation of our past! To learn more about their projects and volunteer opportunities, click here.


The Award of Merit honors an entity or endeavor that is not a piece of built history (i.e., a film, event, or website).

Bobby Farrar


George W. Edwards Award

The George W. Edwards Award honors a volunteer, intern, or staff member demonstrating exemplary integrity and commitment on behalf of local preservation.

Don Helms

We love Don!