Legacy Architectural Salvage: Featured Finds

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Every day, a new treasure finds its way into Legacy Architectural Salvage.
Here, you’ll find a small sample of our latest and greatest salvaged treasures!

19th Century Corbels: $50 each

From 1853, this pair of corbels is extraordinary! We’d love to see these used as bookends, or perhaps reimagined as shelf brackets. What do you envision for their second life? 

Measurements: 6 1/2” tall x 6 1/2” wide x 11 5/8” deep

Mid-Century Light Fixture: $65

This multi-faceted light fixture from the 1950s-1960s is made of thick, beveled glass. A class act! 

Measurements: 12 1/2” tall x 17” wide

Mahogany Drop Leaf Table: $350

Made of solid mahogany, this antique from the 1850s is regal as can be, with a wooden base carved with acanthus leaves and an intricately detailed paw foot. The level of detail is divine!

Measurements: 28” tall x 41 1/8” wide (54 3/4″ wide with sides extended)

4-Light, 2-Panel Door: $250

From the early 20th century, this white wooden door is a classic. Note: The glass panes are intact, but are not original. 

Measurements: 81 7/8” tall x 33 7/8” wide

4-Panel Swinging Door: $70

Swinging doors don’t sway their way into our warehouse often! From the 1920s, this antique door features its original glass push plate. 

Measurements: 81 3/4” tall x 31 1/2” wide

Umbrella & Cane Display Stand: $295

Would you believe this display stand originally came all the way from Saint Louis? We shudder at the thought of shipping all that curved glass! Here in Wilmington, this antique had a long life displaying umbrellas and canes at a men’s shop downtown. 

Measurements: 52 1/2” tall x 27” wide x 24 3/4” deep 

When this piece came to us, a few of the original glass panes were broken. Luckily, our handy Legacy team was able to replace the panels with historic salvaged glass! We love opportunities like this to restore items using salvaged materials (replacing like with like!). Many thanks to Don Helms, HWF’s Resource Coordinator, for giving this gem a second life.

Primitive Wooden Bowl: $15

Nothing quite embodies bounty like a large wooden bowl piled high with fruit, bread, or other treats. This hand-carved beauty would add warmth to any kitchen counter or dining table!

Measurements: 3” tall x 19 1/2” wide x 7 3/4” deep 

Vintage Door Knocker: $20

From the 1940s-1960s, this solid metal door knob is shaped as a sweet flower basket. Though quite petite, this charming piece could still hold a few flowers at your front door. What a welcome home!

Measurements: 6 1/2” tall x 5 1/4” wide x 3 1/2” deep 

6-Panel Door: $100

Own a piece of Wilmington history! Salvaged from the now-demolished WAVE Transit building that once stood on Castle Street, this vintage blue door from the 1940s boasts its original hardware—a petite brass knob with a round door plate. 

Measurements: 83 1/2” tall x 31 3/4” wide

Vintage 4-Drawer Bin: $75

A salty hue with a weathered look! The color and patina of this wooden 4-drawer bin looks just like sea spray during a storm. Comes with the original metal bin pulls and showcases a tongue-and-groove top!

Measurements: 20 1/8” tall x 16 3/4” wide x 26 1/2” deep

Antique Tin Stove: $40

This metal stove is surprisingly light! Made of tin, this antique can no longer hold a fire, but the opportunities for reuse are endless. Would make an excellent side table or nightstand!

Measurements: 24” tall x 16” wide x 23” deep

Pump Organ Stool: $35

Atop a carved wooden base rests a plush red velvet seat. This stool from the early 20th century is a sweet accent in any room. 

Measurements: 20” tall x 14 1/4” wide (at base) 

Antique Framed Print: $95

Around the warehouse, we’ve taken to calling this portrait “Melancholy in Pink”—take one look at the subject’s forlorn gaze, and you’ll see why! But there’s also a beauty that makes you look again, holds your attention. Who is she? And what brought her here? We each have different answers when interrogating any portrait—and that’s part of the draw! The antique frame alone is extra special, made of plaster over wood.

Measurements: 22 1/2” tall x 26 1/2” wide

Something strike your fancy? Come on into the warehouse (1831-B Dawson Street, behind Stevens Ace Hardware) to purchase. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about merchandise listed: 910.660.8960 (office) or 910.338.6443 (cell). You may purchase items over the phone during Legacy’s regular operating hours: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9AM-2PM, with extended hours on Thursdays (9AM-5PM).

Please note: Leaving a voicemail is not sufficient to complete a purchase. If you call during the specified times and get voicemail, please leave your phone number and we will return your call as quickly as possible. Purchases can only be completed through talking with Deb, LAS Manager, or in person at Legacy Architectural Salvage’s warehouse.

Legacy’s inventory is constantly changing! Check out our Instagram (@legacysalvage) for a peek at what’s for sale now, and know that we’ve always got so much more in store.