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FEATURED ITEM: Antique Radiator

Item #0502: $20 each | 38 1/2″ tall x 9″ wide x 9 1/2″ deep


ITEM #0515

Victorian Chandelier: $75

From 1900-1920s, this 5-light chandelier is in incredible antique condition! Made of hammered copper and brass in the Victorian mode, this elegant piece boasts lovely painted details on the medallion.

Measurements (with medallion and chain): 40 1/2″ tall x 19″ wide
Measurements (no medallion or chain, just light fixture): 17″ tall x 19″ wide

ITEM #0514

Vintage N. Market Street Sign: $50

A little piece of Wilmingtoniana! Circa 1920s-1940s, this street sign is the real deal, found in a deconstructed general store.

Measurements: 24″ wide x 5″ tall

ITEM #0513

Vintage LP’s: $1-2 each

Legacy Architectural Salvage is far from a records store, but don’t sleep on our bins of vinyl albums! From the 1950s-1970s, these vintage LP’s are priced at a steal and make for fine listening or eye-catching art. The colors, the typography! It doesn’t get much better than vintage album covers. Come browse our selection at the warehouse!

ITEM #0512

Antique Screen Door: $50

From the early to mid-20th century, this 5-panel screen door is built for a grand entry! Comes with original metal door knob and handle, but they are not in working condition, at present. The bottom right screen needs to be replaced. 

Measurements: 34″ wide x 90″ tall x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0511

Antique Radiator: $50

Coated in thick coats of creamy white paint, the aged patina on this piece is a dream! Take it back to its original use, or simply post up in your home as a sculptural piece. We feel warm and cozy just looking at this incredible antique radiator!

Measurements: 38 1/2″ tall x 9″ wide x 9 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0510

Staffordshire Myott Soup Bowls & Saucers:
$15 for each set, $60 to buy the bundle of 5 sets 

Made in England, this fine china goes for triple the price (or far more!) online. Here in our humble warehouse, you can buy a soup bowl and saucer set for $15—or $60 for the bundle of five!

ITEM #0509

Hand Hewn Antique Trunk: $95

There are antique trunks, and then there are 18th century, hand hewn trunks with hand worked keyholes. In other words, this gorgeous piece is next level! The man who donated this antique treasure has had it in his family for well over 100 years.

Reinforced decades ago (likely the 1940s), this trunk still has its rope handles for easy moving and features a gorgeous faux finish, popular during the 16th-18th century!

Measurements: 39 3/4″ wide x 17 5/8″ tall x 20 7/8″ deep

ITEM #0508

Trixie Belden and the Marsh Mystery: $5

Look, we think it’s perfectly fine to judge a book by its cover—and this one is simply fantastic! Published in 1962, this vintage book is the 10th in the Trixie Belden series, and follows young Trixie as she explores the burnt-out house by the marsh. (We can’t give away more—it’s a mystery after all!)

Measurements: 5 5/8″ wide x 7 3/4″ tall x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0507

Ceramic Urn Lamp: $20

This lovely lamp features lovely crazing and a gorgeous patina on its metal base! We estimate it to be from the 1930s-1940s.

Measurements: 13 1/2″ tall x 5″ wide (base) x 5″ deep

ITEM #0506

Antique Cedar Chest: $70

Made in Knoxville, TN, this antique cedar chest is from the Rule Company’s Smoky Mountain Line. Check out the rich, warm wood tones!

Measurements: 36″ wide 16″ tall x 16″ deep

ITEM #0505

Antique Pair of Sconces (Made in Spain): $75

Wonderfully intricate, this pair of brass wall sconces was made in Spain, with oh so many details and flourishes! Exuberant in their regal elegance, this set is priced for a pauper, at a mere $75 for the pair.

Needs to be rewired.

Measurements: 4 3/4″ wide x 12″ tall x 7″ deep

ITEM #0504

Cast Iron Muffin Pans: $20 each

Each with a different design, these vintage cast iron muffin pans are perfect for Southern cornbread. Make your grandmother’s recipe proud, or simply use as kitchen dècor! We have three available, all in different shapes, $20 each.

Measurements: 12 1/2″ wide x 9 1/2″ long

ITEM #0503

Antique Mandoline Slicers: $15 each

In their heyday, these mandolines surely sliced hundreds of potatoes. Now, their old blades are ready to rest! Hanging as wall dècor in your kitchen would be the dream retirement for these antiques—better than a condo in Florida, to be sure!

Measurements:6″ wide x 17″ tall

ITEM #0488

Hand-Painted, Blown Glass Lamps: $75

Made in the 1920s-1930s, this set of lamps is truly divine, with gorgeous depictions of white dogwoods in bloom! Made of brass with a marble base, it’s rare to find lamps like these with two lights! We even love the wire frame for the former shade—keep it to make these a funky pair or spruce them back up for old times’ sake with a new lampshade. 

Measurements: 9″ wide x 20″ tall x 5″ deep

ITEM #0502

Mixed Media Art, Made with Antique Ephemera: $20

Made by Legacy Artist-in-Residence Deb Helms, these collages are made using antique bits and pieces (coupons, advertisement, book covers, and more!), composed on a thick block of salvaged wood. (Can you spot the piece of ephemera that the set shares?)

We have 3 available, $20 each. Buy all three for a full display, or choose your favorite of the trio! 

Measurements: 6″ wide x 6″ tall

ITEM #0501

Pair of MCM Chairs with Rose Pattern: $75

This pair of midcentury-modern chairs are a real trip! The original patent leather is in fantastic vintage condition; an abstract pattern of black roses and squares pops against the bright red background. Set atop tapered wooden legs, these armless seats are as bold as a swipe of lipstick!

Measurements: 16″ wide x 31 1/2″ tall x 19″ deep

ITEM #0500

1950s Rocking Horse Toy: $25

This midcentury child’s toy is fun for all ages. Add whimsy to any room with this rocking horse, complete with its original cloth seatbelt! (You know, safety first.)

Measurements: 12″ wide x 15″ tall x 30″ deep

ITEM #0499

Chippy Green & White 5-Panel Door: $75

From the 1920s, this 5-panel beauty’s white paint has been weathered away to reveal a magical mint hue beneath! Sand this vintage door down to your heart’s delight to reveal more of its layers, or leave as is—perfectly chippy.

Measurements: 30″ wide x 76 1/2″ tall x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0498

MCM Fondue Pot: $10

Made of galvanized aluminum, with black plastic handles, this midcentury modern fondue pot is sleek and sublime. Impress a date by creating a romantic fondue dinner at home with this stylish throwback piece! 

Measurements: 16 1/2″ wide x 11″ tall x 12″ deep

ITEM #0497

No. 60 New Connecticut Meat Grinder: $25

Made of cast iron, this antique meat grinder comes with adjustable clamp, two different attachments, as well as crank (not pictured).

Measurements: 8″ wide x 12″ tall

ITEM #0496

Pair of Antique Green Shutters: $35

We have two pairs of antique shutters, saved from a 1919 home! Painted a rich, dark green with beautiful blue undertones, these are as good as emeralds to those who love salvage. Shutters are always in high demand, so be sure to grab these quick!

Measurements: 17 1/4″ wide x 71″ tall x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0495

Antique 2-Pane Windows: $30

Our Legacy volunteers salvaged 6 of these antique sidelight windows from a 1919 home on Airlie Road! Each a little different (and a few with broken glass panes), these salvaged beauties come with various original hardware attachments. These special windows are destined for upcycled greatness!

Measurements: 14″ wide x 46″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0493

Antique Cornish Reed Organ: $150

Made between in the late 1800s to early 1900s, this beauty comes with candelabra holders, side handles, and every single piano key. For 45 years, the former owner of this antique organ planned to repurpose it into a secretary—but we all have those projects forever on the horizon and never quite started!

Formerly used as a conversation piece in his foyer (and apparently the home of a squirrel for a period of time), this finely crafted piece is ready for its next adventure! 

Measurements: 44″ wide x 42″ tall x 22″ deep

ITEM #0492

Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture with Glass Globe Shade: $20

For a small globe light, this pretty little ceiling fixture from the 1920s-1930s stands out from the rest! Its frosted glass shade is embossed with lush roses, and even its metal base is ornate, with a lovely pressed pattern.

Measurements: 5 1/2″ wide 8″ tall x 5 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0491

Historic 9-Pane Windows: $45

Wavy glass alert! We have quite a few of these antique 9-pane windows in stock, thanks to our team of LAS volunteers, who delicately and dutifully saved them from a 1917 home. Perfect for photo backdrops, wall hangings, and more!

Measurements: 34″ wide x 36″ tall

ITEM #0490

5-Panel Door with Hardware: $125

These antique wooden doors come with the most darling brass door plates and handles. Currently painted white, it wouldn’t take much time at all to strip and polish that hardware—or, leave as is and love on all its layers. We have two in stock!

Measurements: 24″ wide x 71 1/2″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0485

1930s Porch Railing with Spindles: $150

From the 1930s, this salvaged porch railing would make for a lovely garden trellis, wall art, headboard—or, could be used to replace and repair your home’s exterior or interior railing! The spindles have been painted gray, and the top is a worn white. (Oh, and if you need more spindles? We’re selling some matching individual spindles as well! Go wild with a craft project, or use them to fix broken pieces of a current porch rail.)

Measurements: 72″ wide x 33″ tall x 6″ deep

ITEM #0478

Vintage Corbels: $30

From the 1930s, these vintage corbels are made of hardwood, with their layers of white paint showing all of beauty and character of age! We have seven in stock.

Measurements: 19″ wide x 9″ tall X 2″ deep

ITEM #0483

Red Exterior Shutters: $25 per set

These tall vintage shutters are painted a lovely aged brick and would clean up nicely with just a little washing! We’ve seen these turned into table tops, headboards—you name it! And of course, they could be returned to their first life, framing a home’s windows—our gateway to the world! We have two sets in stock, and one lone wolf shutter!

Measurements: 63″ tall x 16″ wide x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0480

Rare 6-Panel Door with Hardware: $30

Past 1900, you won’t find many 6-panel doors—which dates this beaut to the late 1800s! Beyond the sheer majesty of that gorgeous woodgrain and fine stain, this antique door features something extra special: the original brass hardware, a privacy knob from the Victorian era that, on its own, is valued at $75. This rare piece is an absolute steal, and sure to go quick!

Measurements: 19″ wide x 9″ tall X 2″ deep

ITEM #0477

Five-Panel Door with Original Hardware: $195

Complete with door knobs, rim lock, and deadbolt, this late 19th century door’s grey paint is weathered in such a way as to accentuate the wood’s grain. Simply stunning!

Measurements: 31 1/2″ wide x 79 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0476

Five-Panel Door with Eastlake Mail Slot: $225

From the 1920s-1930s, this white front door features the original brass door knob, plate, and ornate mail slot, complete with interior frame—very rare! Even better: the hinge still opens and closes with ease. Just envision it: If stripped of the paint, the Eastlake design and “LETTERS” stamp would pop even more!

Measurements: 36″ wide x 83″ tall

ITEM #0475

Late 19th Century Five-Panel Door: $195

This antique wooden door comes with its original rim lock and porcelain door handles!

Love a neutral color palette, with a hint of rustic? This door’s classic grey paint is perfectly weathered!

Measurements: 32″ wide x 79″ tall 

ITEM #0474

Antique Four-Panel Door: $70

The contrast between this early 20th century door’s white paint and the dark wood beneath is incredibly striking. Turn a boring closet or pantry door into something special with this absolute gem! 

Measurements: 30 1/8″ wide x 78 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0471

Vintage Wood Mantle: $125

From the 1930s, this mantle was salvaged from a local home and is ready for its second life, framing your fireplace!

Made of old wood, this sweet piece has been painted many a time—through some worn spots, you can see layers of eggshell blue, red, grey, and olive. Could be fun to sand down a bit, to see all the colors at play—or, strip it down to the wood and start anew! 

Measurements: 53″ wide x 9″ deep x 53″ tall 

ITEM #0461

Pastoral Print in Gilded Frame: $50

Finely matted and framed, this large print presents a grand scene: cumulus clouds rolling in, a towering tree with exposed roots, and two riders on horseback below, headed towards a rickety bridge. One gentleman has slung a bold orange cape over his back—the warm color pops beautifully, enticing the eye. But be sure to look beyond, notice the hunter crouched, the fisherman along the bank, the tall tower and windmill in the distance. This lovely piece of art certainly tells a tale—one that each viewer may interpret differently! 

Measurements: 45″ wide x 36″ tall

ITEM #0468

Vintage Flame Stitch Couch: $150

With a well-constructed wood frame and original metal claw feet, this 1920s-1930s couch has been reupholstered with a fun flame stitch! Ready to play with fire? Center your living room or den with this centuries-old (but always energetic!) pattern. Also known as bargello or Florentine stitch, traditional flame stitch needlework combines long, vertical stitches and bold colors into zigzagging peaks and valleys. This particular pattern features burgundy, rose, and silver strands!

Measurements: 77″ wide x 35″ tall x 23″ deep

ITEM #0384

Folk Art Chairs: $20 each

Likely made in Mexico in the 1950s, these wee vintage chairs’ rush seats feature a unique woven pattern and the weathered red and blue paint exudes charm! With faded flowers painted along the back slats, these are just darling!

Measurements: 12″ wide x 18″ tall x 10″ deep

ITEM #0466

Grandfather Clock c. 1790: $1,200

This grandfather clock makes a grand statement! To have the original weights, pendulum, and winding key is beyond incredible; when you factor in the upper door’s original, antique seed glass (in pristine condition!), it’s nigh unbelievable. A sight to behold, this stately and handsome beauty has been lovingly refinished, featuring a scalloped base and metal-topped split pediment and planton. The gorgeous brass clock face is decorated with delicate etchings—elegant filigree, flying birds, blooming flowers—and etched into the arch of the dial, you’ll find the clockmaker’s name engraved: Jh. Scott Edinburgh. A fine clockmaker, John Scott of Edinburgh trained in London under some of the best artists in England, including an apprenticeship with James Gray, the Clockmaker to King George III!

Measurements: 17″ wide x 9″ deep x 84″ tall

ITEM #0465

White Chippy Door: $75

This four-panel door from the 1920s-1930s features the most stunning cream and white chippy paint: weathered yet elegant, rugged yet refined. Though made of old wood, it’s surprisingly lightweight—perfect for so many upcycling projects! Attach a mirror and use it for a full-length view in your bedroom or foyer. Add hooks for a charming coat rack. Or install a salvaged shelf—a perfect backdrop to display art and collectibles! (Check out items #0274 & #0275 for inspiration!) 

Measurements: 79 1/2″ tall x 31 1/4″ wide x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0464

Vintage Steel Office Door: $75

Painted the most whimsical shade of chartreuse, this eye-popping office door with two glass panes and mail slot is fun and funky! The original brass door plate and handle are truly unusual—boldly industrial, with curves that lend an art deco vibe. Snatch up this quirky find—it’s one-of-a-kind!

Measurements: 83″ tall x 35 1/2″ wide x 2″ deep

ITEM #0460

New Home Super Deluxe Sewing Machine: $35

With chrome detailing, fun red buttons, and the perfect light blue finish, this vintage sewing machine comes with all the bells and whistles—including the table and original foot pedal! The midcentury modern wood table neatly tucks away the New Home sewing machine, and its arm folds down for easy dècor use. (Be sure to get a load of that decorative metal handle!) 

Measurements: 21″ wide x 30″ tall x 17 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0303

1930s White Spindles: $3 each

Salvaged from a 1930s home in Masonboro by our dedicated volunteers, these turned wood spindles could be used in a myriad of upcycling projects! Use them as table legs, lamp bases, candle holders—let your imagination (or, you know, Pinterest) be your guide. We’ve even seen them painted and dressed up as snowmen—a darling holiday decoration! We have 30 in stock.

Measurements: 1 1/2″ wide x 32″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0458

Collage on Antique Auditorium Seat: $45

What does one do with merely the back of an antique auditorium seat? Use it as the base of a collage, of course! That’s precisely what Legacy’s Manager (and Artist in Residence!) Deb Helms did with this architectural salvage from the Tileston School on Ann Street! Deb is known for her masterful composition of pre-1920s ephemera, and this piece is no exception! From vintage advertisements to a WWI pay record, from antique button snaps to old sheet music, you really must take a close look to unpack it all and see how each of these fragments of history speak to each other. 

Measurements: 18 1/2″ wide x 19″ tall

ITEM #0455

Antique Attic Vent: $50

Salvaged from a South 6th Street home built in the 1890s, this wooden vent once peeked out from a diamond-shaped frame in the house’s attic. The blue color matches the home’s siding, and the streaks of rusted red paint at the edges can be traced to the trim’s accent color. From the paint drips to the old nail holes in the wooden slats, this antique vent has so much character and makes for an interesting piece of found art. 

Measurements: 25″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep x 34 1/4″ tall

ITEM #0454

Antique Brass Panic Bars: $50 each

Salvaged from a 1920s school in Memphis, TN, these panic bars can be repurposed as towel racks, or a rod to hang clothes—or plants! Each bar comes with its original hardware. We have four in stock!

Measurements: 26 1/4″ wide x 6″ deep x 8″ tall 

ITEM #0453

1960s GE Waffle Maker: $25

Nothing says “Sunday” quite like a fresh waffle from the griddle—and with this 1960s General Electric waffle maker, you need never again hit up a diner to get your decadent, 24/7 breakfast fix!

ITEM #0450

Framed Antique Ceiling Tins: $75 each 

Artist in Residence Don Helms framed these antique ceiling tins with reclaimed beadboard, divinely distressed. A perfect accent piece in any salvage lover’s home! We have three in stock, in shades of blue, peach, and taupe.

Measurements: 19″ wide x 19″ tall x 1″ deep

ITEM #0206

Piano Side Arms (Set): $50

These salvaged pieces from an 1800s piano once served the purpose of music and melody—in their next life, the possibilities are endless! Upcycle these gorgeous wooden forms to use as corbels, book ends or even shelf brackets!  

Measurements: 18 3/4″ tall x 2″ wide x 7 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0448

Glass Top Dining Table: $85

Handcrafted locally out of reclaimed materials, this wood-frame table comes with a thick glass top, in fantastic condition! A delightful piece that keeps a room bright and airy, with light falling through and reflecting from its top.

Measurements: 30″ deep x 54″ wide x 29″ tall

ITEM #0447

Wooden Bottle Box: $60

This antique crate was once used to haul glass bottles—you can tell by the ring marks left on its bottom! Now, this would make for a rustic linen and toiletry holder—or, play up its past life as a repository for bottles, and incorporate it as part of your home bar. (Or, as we call it these days, The Bar.)

Measurements: 35″ wide x 20″ deep x 12″ tall

ITEM #0473

Military Trunk on Stand: $60

We love seeing well-executed upcycled pieces like this special table, made of a vintage trunk placed atop a sturdy wood base. Made by Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company in 1951, the wooden trunk has its original metal hinges, and the exterior paint is beautifully weathered from many a long journey!

Add extra storage to any space with this piece, which can be used as a side table or as a storage bench at the foot of your bed.

Measurements: 32″ wide x 19 1/2″ tall x 16″ deep

ITEM #0341

White Rocking Chair: $40

From the 1930s, this rocking chair is sweet and welcoming, with lovely carvings along its top and turned wood spindles ! 

Measurements: 18 1/2″ wide x 40″ tall x 16 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0421

Painted Vintage Vanity Mirror: $20

Painted a light blue, this wooden vanity mirror from the 1940s features soft curves and a stunning old mirror, with marks of age that add to its depth and character. Note: There is a chip on the right side, pictured.

Measurements: 35″ tall x 23″ wide x 1″ deep

ITEMS #0442

Porcelain Door Knob Set: $18 each

Made in the 1920s-1930s, this vintage door knob set includes the metal spindle rod with set screws, with stunningly aged porcelain featuring original, natural brown spots. Ready for your vintage door or craft project! 

Measurements: 5″ depth x 2″ diameter of knob

ITEMS #0441

Antique Walnut Sleigh Bed: $350 each

Made of walnut, this antique bed from the 19th century simply gleams! Comes with rails and most slats. On both the headboard and footboard, there is a small, vertical crack—we think it adds charm!

Measurements: 41″ tall x 58 1/2″ wide x 80″ deep

ITEMS #0440

Vintage Silver Pitcher: $350 each

With an elegant handle and elaborate relief base, this classic silver pitcher is beautifully aged. Just imagine this vintage piece of décor filled to the brim with dried hydrangeas!

Measurements: 41″ tall x 58 1/2″ wide x 80″ deep

ITEMS #0439

Reclaimed Wall Hooks: $55 each

Not only does Deb Helms hold down the fort as the manager of Legacy Architectural Salvage, she also finds time to create beauty from architectural salvage! These gorgeously textured wall hooks were made using reclaimed, antique plinth blocks (salvaged from the Warsaw Hotel, built in 1900!). Deb worked with her husband (and Legacy volunteer!) Don, to turn these pieces of incredibly weathered wood into handy wall hooks by adding antique door knobs and plates, as well as ornate drawer pulls! Perfect for keys, leashes, masks and more, we have four of these one-of-a-kind creations in stock, in darling shades of blue, seafoam, and peach.

Measurements: approximately 12″ tall x 5″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEMS #0436

Bullseye Rosette Blocks: $8 each

Salvaged from a downtown Wilmington home, these wooden bullseye rosette blocks come in beautifully weathered shades of rust red, cream and brown. Having once graced the corners of lovely windows, these now would serve as sweet bookends or accent pieces for display shelving. Note: Some have cracks. 

Measurements: 6″ wide x 5 1/2″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0342

Antique Vanity Mirror: $50

We always love knowing the exact year a piece was made, and this beveled mirror gets even more specific! “August 22, 1905” is stamped on its back. The wooden oval frame is lovely and made to be secured to the back of a vanity. Note: To stabilize the mirror, the frame needs an additional brace on the back. 

Measurements: 28 1/2″ wide x 21″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0416

Vintage Printer’s Tray: $20

Painted a light seafoam, this wooden printer’s tray could be upcycled in a myriad of ways—use it as a serving platter, insert two mirrors or add hooks (and hanging hardware on the back!) to turn it into a sweet jewelry organizer!

Measurements: 16 1/2″ wide x 32″ long x 1″ deep

ITEM #0412

Decorative Architectural Salvage Piece: $100

Straight from the showroom of Hughes Brothers, Inc. on Market Street, these vintage wooden display shelves were original to the building (c. 1921)!

Use this textured piece of architectural salvage as a headboard, a display shelf for art or simply wall décor!

Measurements: 19 1/2″ wide x 84″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0411

Vintage Baby Grand Piano: $500

Piano bench has been sold, separately.

Measurements: 57 1/2″ wide x 29″ tall x 60″ deep

This baby grand piano, with stately tapered legs on original casters, is a handsome statement piece! We always love when one detail from a piece dates it so specifically—like this Settergren baby grand piano, made in Bluffton, Indiana, some time between 1922, when the company was founded, and 1935, when they changed their name to Estey Piano Company. 

If you’d like to play this vintage gem and fill your home with song, you’ll first need to have it tuned and adjusted! Would also be fantastic for oh so many upcycling projects! Made of wood, the dark veneer is in absolutely fantastic condition. 

ITEM #0429

1930s Bronze Chandelier: $25

Featuring an aged bronze patina and elegantly curved arms, this vintage light fixture casts a lovely glow with its three lights and petite metal frame! 

We recommend that this electrical fixture be rewired. 

Measurements: 12″ tall x 12″ wide

ITEM #0409

Collage on Reclaimed Beadboard: $50

Made by Artist in Residence (and LAS Manager!) Deb Helms, this intricate collage features ephemera from the 1920s or earlier, including a bicycle advertisement, a worn orange velvet ribbon taken from a Victorian photo album, the corner of a calling card and more! Mounted on a piece of chippy reclaimed beadboard (with chippy and cheerful Granny Smith apple green paint!), peer close to read the snippets from autograph albums and other ephemeral gems, preserved and protected in this delightful piece of art! 

Measurements: 10 1/2″ wide x 16″ tall x 7/8″ deep

ITEM #0401

Antique Oak Carved Dresser with Mirror & Marble Top: $450

This antique oak dresser would catch your eye from across the room—or in our care, across the warehouse! Unmistakably a high end piece, the fine craftsmanship is evident in its abundant sculpted ornamental accents, original wood knobs and gorgeous swivel mirror, made all the more lovely with its light desilvering streaks. Even through this four-drawer dresser’s 100+ year life, its marble top shows minimal signs of age and the warm wood has clearly been lovingly cared for over the decades, across generations. The oak’s luster is just divine!

Measurements: 42 1/2″ wide x 77″ tall x 23″ deep

ITEM #0404

Antique Porcelain Pitcher: $8

Delicate and sweet in every way, this petite pitcher with gold leaf trim on its rim and handle is a dream, with a painted profile of a young woman in kerchief, her gaze both hopeful and longing—all framed with lush pink roses. In shades of teal, pink and green, this pretty little thing would be a sweet Valentine’s Day gift! 

Measurements: 3 1/4″ wide x 4 1/2″ tall x 4″ deep

ITEM #0266

Antique Piano Keys: $1 each

Perfect for DIY projects galore, these antique piano keys—salvaged from an 1800s piano!—are just one dollar bill apiece! We’ve seen them turned into key holders (clever!), lamp shades, and even clocks. What second life will you give to them? 

Measurements: 1 1/2″ wide x 12″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0399

Fireplace Screen with Wooden Frame: $25

Fabric fireplace screens were used to soften the fire’s intense heat, while also decoratively hiding the fireplace’s opening when not in use. This fireplace screen’s carved wooden frame was crafted in the early 1900s, and it sits pretty atop its four original casters. Originally, this screen would have been crewel or needlepoint, but it was replaced with this chenille fabric, a lovely silver with floral pattern depicted in light green and gold.

Measurements: 30.5″ wide x 51″ tall x 19″ deep 

ITEM #0374

Chalk Plate: $45

Measurements: 14 1/2″ diameter x 2″ deep

Made in England in the 1940s-1960s, this cheerful chalkplate depicts a rustic scene in a natural palette: windmill and river, boats and cottages, a stone bridge and forest. The chalkware craze began in Staffordshire, England in the late 1800s as an inexpensive alternative to the region’s popular porcelain figurines. Popular for their aesthetic qualities as well as their reasonable price, you could find all sorts of items in chalkware! A delicate material, we’re thrilled to offer this collectible item in such good condition! 

ITEM #0393

Stained Glass: $100 (large) / $75 (small)

The color palette of this unique stained glass is a vintage dream: warm olive, frosted light blue, and chestnut! These fantastical pieces of stained glass (we have over 20!) once joined together to form an entire wall, overlooking a scenic waterway. Like a puzzle, the organic forms combined to create a marsh scene, complimenting the view! Note: The glass and metal frame are quite delicate, and the glass has some cracks. Handle with care.

Measurements (large): 48″ wide x 30 1/4″ tall x 1/4″ deep
Measurements (small): 30 1/2″ wide x 43″ tall x 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0392

Vintage Hubcaps: $15 each

These fun vintage hubcaps are perfect for the car fanatic in your life! We have various car manufacturers, and several of them have spokes.

A great collector’s item, or fantastic for a variety of upcycling projects—we’ve seen them turned into yard ornaments, wall art and even wreaths!

The four pictured are just a few examples from our hubcap haul! Come in to see our full selection.

Measurements: 16″ diameter

ITEM #0382

Cowboy & Horse Pull Toy: $15

Giddy up! From the mid-to-late 1950s, this vibrant toy is an absolute joy to pull around—watch the cowboy go on his bucking bronco! 

Measurements: 3″ wide x 8 1/2″ tall x 7″ deep

ITEM #0355

Candle Holder Centerpiece: $45

Artist-in-Residence Steve Wolf-Camplin turned this gorgeous piece of reclaimed wood into a polished centerpiece. Place a votive candle within each of the five glass cups for a flickering glow—or, alternatively, use as a beer sampler! (IPA, anyone?) This glowing, warm wood pairs well with anything! 

Measurements: 31″ wide x 2″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0380

Vintage Crib: $65

This wooden crib from the 1940s comes with its original canopy (not pictured), made of white seersucker! With gorgeous turned wood railings and spindles, this would be a super cute storage solution: slide boxes underneath, add in a solid piece of wood atop the bottom slats, then pile up blankets, toys, towels and more! One of our ever-clever volunteers suggested flipping it upside down, removing the legs, and adding a glass or wood top to create a unique, upcycled coffee table. (Or, add a ramp, cut the railing to make an opening and slap on a cushion to create the most luxurious bed for your pooch or kitty!) 

Measurements: 48″ wide x 35″ tall x 25″ deep

ITEM #0377

Antique Wood & Cast Iron School Desk: $65

E. H. Stafford Mfg. Co. of Chicago manufactured this child’s school desk in the early 1900s. It has a folding seat, pencil tray, ink well hole and storage shelf. Note the ornate iron work! Would work beautifully as a table in the entryway—use the desk to toss your mail, and the seat to put on your shoes! 

Measurements: 24″ wide x 29″ tall x 30″ deep (seat: 13″ deep)

ITEM #0379

Handcart Coffee Table: $495

Legacy’s Artist-in-Residence John Kendall crafted this gorgeous coffee table, using salvaged wood from Legacy’s warehouse for its top and an antique cast iron handcart for the base! (We have to say, the two front wheels—still turning!—make moving this piece around the warehouse a breeze.) Perfect for industrial enthusiasts!

Measurements: 59.5″ long x 24″ wide x 17.5″ tall

ITEM #0378

Antique Stodart Square Piano with Stool: $2,500

Manufactured in New York by Stodart Piano Company in the fall of 1882, this spinet piano (#9839) is in fantastic condition! Originally from an antebellum home in Vance County, this square pianoforte has an impressive hardwood case, nicely styled music rack and perfectly proportioned legs. While grand in stature, its smooth, curved sides and lines make for a welcoming setting, whether you sit on its (original!) stool to play Bach or Chopin. 

Note: To return to good playing condition, this antique piano would need to be tuned and adjusted.

Piano Measurements: 78″ wide x 38″ tall x 37″ deep
Stool Measurements: 14″ wide x 21″ tall x 14″ deep

ITEM #0357

Vintage Croquet Set: $60

Made for Sears, this vintage croquet set would be really fun incorporated into a store display or for quirky home décor—and of course, you could always take the mallets outside to play! Comes with some of the original metal wickets, but is missing three balls. 

Measurements: 23″ wide x 29″ tall x 6″deep

ITEM #0371

Wonder Mare Rocking Horse: $95

Made by Wonder Mare in the 1950s, this vintage rocking horse is suspended upon its original metal springs, attached to a wooden base. An absolutely whimsical piece, the horse has a blonde mane and is adorned with a brown saddle. The seat measures 3 1/2″ wide. 

Measurements: 19″ wide x 27 1/2″ tall x 34″ deep

ITEM #0367

Brumberger Hollywood Movie Theatre: $75

Made in the 1950s by Brumberger, this movie theatre toy set still has its original 8mm movie projector (not in working condition presently!), rolls of 8mm movie films (Films include Shirley Temple’s Pie-Covered Wagon, “Whimseyland” Cartoon, and Our Gang!), instruction manual and even theatre tickets! Whimsical decor, this box with its striking typography and illustration would look incredible in your TV cabinet or mantle. 

Note: The movie projector is not presently in working condition, and would need a lamp and some repairs to become return to operable condition.

ITEM #0353

Midcentury Modern Chair: $45

Covered in brown naugahyde (with vertical impressions along the back, made to look like stitching!), this MCM chair is an ode to the era! The squared arms are supported by rounded brass, and the seat was recovered in the 1960s-1970s with a funky fabric. Note: There is a horizontal tear in the back. 

Measurements: 28 ” wide x 31″ tall x 30″ deep

ITEM #0280

Vintage Twin Headboard & Footboard: $35

Solid wood headboard and footboard from the early 1900s, featuring a carved wooden ornamentation, painted black. One of the carvings has been broken, as pictured.

Measurements: 37″ wide x 35″ tall x 1 3/8″ deep

ITEM #0336

Historic Home Cabinet: $150

Painted by hand, this crafty cabinet is full of surprises! What appears to be one solid piece actually transforms, with a shelf on its base and a fold-up top! The back is open, and the top half even swivels. Our photos reveal its many tricks. A feat of carpentry and engineering, this is perfect for a variety of uses—in fact, its last owners tucked away their TV within its walls! Note: One leg is a bit loose. 

Measurements: 32″ wide x 54″ tall x 22 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0291

Art Deco Door Plates: $10 each

These art deco door plates, made of tin, are beautifully patina’d, each one with its own special gleam. We have thirty in stock! Tip: They go beautifully with our art deco glass door knob sets (item #0292), sold separately.

Measurements: 2″ wide x 7 1/4″ tall x 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0283

Vintage Irons: $10 each

Non-Electric Iron (left): Made by Westinghouse in the 1930s-1940s, this uncorded iron with wooden handle is a fantastic decorative item (paperweight, bookend or clever doorstop!)—and a reminder to be grateful for our modern day laundering technology! Measurements: 4″ wide x 9″ long x 5 1/2″ tall

Electric Iron (right): Made by General Electric in the 1940s-1960s, this vintage iron is a time capsule, with its metal hull shaped in a style reminiscent of the era’s automobile designs. Would need to be rewired, if used for its functional purpose. Measurements: 5″ wide x 11″ long x 6 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0297

1930s Newel Posts: $100 each

These hardwood newel posts from a 1930s Masonboro home could be used at the base of your stairway—or upcycled as part of a bar or table! We have two in stock.

Measurements: 4″x4″ Post: 40″ tall Top: 12″ long x 2″ deep

ITEM #0322

Small Rocking Chair with Velvet Seat: $15

This rocker from the early 1900s features a velvet seat, which had been recovered decades ago. Much like this week’s chest of drawers (item #320), it’s such a delight to see how repairs were made so long ago. Beneath the olive-colored velvet, the original fabric remains and can be seen from the bottom of the chair! Note: The top left corner needs to be shored up a bit.

Measurements: 16″ wide x 34″ tall x 15″ deep

ITEM #0222

Pair of Brass Sconces: $30

This unusual pair of 1950s brass sconces adds glamour, romance and a regal whimsy to a dining room or foyer. We recommend that these electrical fixtures be rewired. 

Measurements: 5 1/2″ wide x 17 1/4″ tall

ITEM #0285

Handcrafted Reclaimed Beadboard Mirror: $150

Made by Artist-in-Residence Mark Gansor, this dainty mirror is framed in pieces of reclaimed beadboard, beautifully aged and painted in shades of cream and soft blue. 

Measurements: 25″ wide x 26″ tall x 2″ deep

ITEM #0304

Reclaimed Butternut Wood Mirror: $200

Made by Artist-in-Residence Steve Wolf-Camplin, this mirror framed in reclaimed butternut wood is one-of-a-kind! This would make a fantastic gift!

Measurements: 35″ wide x 41″ tall x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0281

Artisan Reclaimed Wood Table: $795

Made by Artist-in-Residence John Kendall, this high gloss dining room table is an ideal piece to add a rustic yet modern touch to your home. Made of old-growth reclaimed pine, this durable piece is an eye-catching delight, covered in gleaming layers of polyurethane.

Years have naturally aged the wood to create a beauty and detail that cannot be replicated! Reclaimed wood’s beauty is in its variations, and will have naturally occurring knots, splits, weathering, nail holes & cracks. The table is lightly sanded leaving the beautiful natural texture and grains in the wood, but still smooth to touch. 

Measurements: 31 1/4 wide x 32″ tall x 72 1/2″ long

ITEM #0309

Reclaimed Wormy Walnut Wood Mirror: $60

Made by Artist-in-Residence Steve Wolf-Camplin, this one-of-a-kind mirror makes a simple yet stunning statement with its wide frame, made of old-growth walnut. 

Measurements: 13 1/4″ wide x 16 1/2″ tall x 2″ deep

ITEM #0274
ITEM #0274 & #0275

Reclaimed Door Shelves: $125 each

These handcrafted pieces are 100% reclaimed! Our wonderfully talented Legacy volunteers selected sloped brackets and topped them with aged wooden shelves, attaching them to beautifully weathered antique doors. Leaned against or attached to a wall, each door serves as one-of-a-kind display shelf, adding character and charm to any room! The peach tone (#0274 – left) is warm and inviting, and the cream door (#0275 – right) on the left is a classic!

Measurements for Peach Door (left): 32″ wide x 79″ tall, with a 6 1/2″ deep shelf

Measurements for Cream Door (right): 26″ wide x 76″ tall, with a 5 1/2″ deep shelf

ITEM #0275
ITEM #0207

Antique Piano Fall Board: $95

Once the fall board of an 1800s Wing & Son piano, this gorgeously carved wooden piece would look incredible above a door, as a headboard or even upcycled into a musically-inspired mantle!

Measurements: 55″ wide x 19″ tall x 2″ deep

ITEM #0264

Set of Black Ladder-Back Chairs: $75

From the early 1900s, these ladder-back chairs were perhaps originally designed for children, given their low seats. Note the finials and delicate floral stencil detail on the ladder-back slats! While the chairs’ frames are original, their woven rush seats have been fairly recently redone. 

Measurements: 17 1/2″ wide x 47″ tall x 14″ deep

ITEM #0261

Vintage Twin Bed: $75

This twin bed from the 1920s-1930s features a delightful curved footboard, and it comes with the side rails and slats! Stands on pretty turned feet with six casters, and check out the floral basket motif on both headboard and footboard. Donation courtesy of the Burgwin-Wright House.

Measurements: 79″ wide x 57″ tall x 42″ deep

ITEM #0248

Singer Sewing Machine with Travel Case: $45

This turn-of-the-century Singer sewing machine still has its wooden travel case!

Measurements: 17 1/4″ wide x 12 1/2″ tall x 8 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0253

Sewing Table with Reclaimed Wood Top: $150

This sewing table is beyond divine. The metal hardware on those drawer pulls! The carvings on the side! Artist-in-Residence John Kendall used gleaming reclaimed wood to top it all off (literally and metaphorically)!

Measurements: 36″ wide x 29.5″ tall x 17.5″ deep

ITEM #0246

Antique Henry Likly Wardrobe Steamer Trunk: $250

Established in 1844, Henry Likly & Co. was the largest trunk manufacturer in New York—the Cadillac of trunks. When you wanted a clever, well-built trunk, you went to Henry Likly. We’ve never seen one of these in our warehouse before! 

From the late 1800s, this trunk was once a space-saving travel essential, whether journeying by sea or train! Gorgeous and intriguing details abound: the pull-out wardrobe press and original wooden hangers, roomy drawers with original hardware, even the initials of its past owner: L.A.M. 

Note that the drawers may need a bit of TLC.   

Donation courtesy of the Burgwin-Wright House.

Measurements: 43″ wide x 21.5″ tall x 22.5 ” deep

ITEM #0232

Antique Ladder: $65

While no longer fit to take on the job, this decorative wooden ladder still does some serious work to any space, adding rustic flair and height! Stand it up and use the steps to display knick-knacks, or lean it against the wall and drape towels, blankets and more over its rungs.  

Measurements: 18″ long x 59″ wide x 7 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0229

8-Light Solid Brass Chandelier: $75

This 8-light chandelier from the 1950s is a stunner, made of solid brass crafted into ornate twists and curves. The gleaming brass bends and curls back on itself; when the chandelier shines, the light bounces off the metal, warmly brightening any space. We recommend that the fixture be rewired. 

Measurements: 16″ wide x 23″ tall

ITEM #0228

Antique Hardwood Coffee Table: $75

Formerly a stately entryway table, the curved legs were shortened to create a quaint coffee table, full of character! Made of old-growth wood, with original wooden knobs, this piece features a drawer, with two compartments for easy living room storage. 

Measurements: 40 3/4″ long x 22″ wide x 24″ tall

ITEM #0263

Reclaimed Old-Growth Wood Ladder: $35

Made by Legacy staff and volunteers, this decorative old-growth wood ladder is perfect for displaying holiday dećor or hanging blankets/towels! We have two in stock!

Measurements: 14″ wide x 50″ tall x 3″ deep

ITEM #0224

Ornate Frame with Beveled Glass Mirror: $125

Estimated to be from the turn of the century, this piece was originally designed to sit atop a dresser. Now it is freestanding décor, still turning heads with an elegant carved frame adorned with scallops and curves, rounded columns and romantic flourishes. Mirror included, not pictured. 

Measurements: 37 1/2″ wide x 46 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0221

Ornate Ceiling Light: $35

This metal flush-mount fixture with a quartet of lights has subtle, understated flair. A great way to add vintage-style panache to a room with lower ceilings. 

Comes with glass globes, not pictured. We recommend that it be rewired.

Measurements: 19 1/4″ wide x 18″ tall

ITEM #0028

Black Carved Side Chairs: $15

Whimsical wooden, carved back chairs, ready to be transformed with a little paint and the perfect fabric! We have one left.

Measurements: 41.5″ tall x 22″ wide x 18″ deep

Antique Columns with Bases & Capitals

It is so incredibly rare to find antique columns complete with their bases and capitals! Astoundingly, we have a few in stock. Run, don’t walk to snatch one (or more!) of these up! From the 1800s, these old-growth wood columns have beautiful, delicate white chippy paint.

ITEM #0216

[LEFT] Round Antique Column with Base & Capital: $200

39″ circumference x 8′ tall (column)
15″ x 15″ (base)
13″ x 13 1/2″ (capital)

Note: We’ve sold out of the round columns’ bases and capitals (pictured below)!

ITEM #0215

[RIGHT] Square Antique Column with Base & Copper Capital: $200

11″ wide x 9″ deep x 8 1/2′ tall (column)
17″ wide x 9″ deep x 10 1/2″ tall (capital)

ITEM #0161

Antique Wooden Grain Feed Bin: $200

Originally two separate bins, this antique feed bin made of wonderfully weathered wood was upcycled many moons ago. In addition to connecting the bins, hardware featuring intricate scrollwork was added. Now, it’s a perfect and compact storage piece!

Measurements: 39.5″ long x 19″ deep x 18.5″ tall

ITEM #0165

Pewter Coffee Pot: $35

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Whether you take decaf or espresso, this vintage coffee pot is a precious addition to your coffee station. Or, this watertight pot could be used in so many ways: holding fresh cut flowers as an adorable vase, watering your houseplants or even serving as a caddy for craft supplies (brushes, knitting needles and more)!

Measurements: 6.5″ deep x 11″ tall

ITEM #0182

Antique White Wooden Highchair: $40

This antique highchair is in surprisingly sturdy condition—despite wear and tear from decades of children! The front tray still lifts up and down. With quaint white chippy paint, this would make such a cute addition to your foyer: toss mail in the tray and your handbag in the chair! Donation courtesy of the Burgwin-Wright House.

Measurements: 16.5″ long x 18″ deep x 38″ tall

ITEM #0109

Fireplace Ash Clean-Out Door: $25

A chimney clean-out door—located either outside or behind the fireplace—is used to take out rubbish. Made of cast iron in the late 1800s, this antique could certainly return to its original use of cleaning out your chimney, wood stove or kiln. Or show off its rusty patina on your fireplace as a throwback display piece!

Measurements: 10.25″ x 10.25″ x 2″

ITEM #0160

Vintage Off-White Tablecloth: $30

The detail in this lace tablecloth is just divine, with swirls of scrollwork, florals and fruits! Understated farmhouse luxury at its finest, this elegant linen would up the ante of your dining room in a hot second!

Love this look? We have a large stock of other vintage linens in the warehouse!

Measurements: 66″ x 88″

ITEM #0159

Antique Wooden School Desk: $45

For those who are lifelong learners, this school desk with woven seat is the perfect piece to display your current reads and projects! 

Some damage to the seat, but could easily be restrung.

Measurements: 24″ long x 20″ deep x 23″ tall

ITEM #0141

Wooden Charcuterie Board with Wooden Feet: $125

What’s our favorite kind of rainbow, you ask? No, not a double rainbow—a wooden rainbow! And that’s precisely what LAS Artist in Residence John Kendall created using reclaimed bloodwood, iroko, leopard wood, ashwood and walnut. A perfect gift!

Measurements: 30″ long x 9.5″ wide x 1.5″ tall

ITEM #0111

Midcentury Modern Golden Wheat Dinnerware: $25

Made by Homer-Laughlin Company between 1949 and 1966, this iconic dishware was created as part of a Duz Detergent promotional campaign. Each month, an extra plate, bowl or serving piece was added to boxes of Duz, enticing customers to buy the soap in order to acquire a full set. This collectible dinnerware is perfect for lovers of all things mid-century modern—or those interested in creative marketing tactics! And it’s a fantastic deal for such a large set: 7 bread plates, 6 dinner plates, 8 tea cups and 6 saucers.
ITEM #0107

Antique Door Plates (Set of 3): $25

These metal door plates from the early 1900s still shine! Restore an old door with these antique plates to make it really pop. If we had to guess, these plates are made of aluminium—they’re quite light!

Measurements: 6.5″ tall x 2″ wide

ITEM #0120

Leaded, Beveled Glass & Brass Octagonal Pendant Chandelier: $65 each

These beautiful 8-sided, 6-light pendant chandeliers from the 1950s would look stunning in a foyer or alcove. Beveled glass is known for capturing and refracting light, creating a kaleidoscope of colors—with a little rewiring, watch these lights dazzle! Everything about these chandeliers simply screams “mid-century design.” We have 1 left in stock! All of the leaded glass pieces are securely intact. The fixture works, but we recommend that it be rewired. 

Measurements: 23″ tall x 12″ deep x 12″ wide

ITEM #0076

Diamond Wood Inlay Cheeseboard: $150

You may have heard Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” but did you know she was actually referring to wood inlays? We didn’t either, but looking at this cheeseboard, we totally get it!

You won’t find anything like this at a big-box store: Legacy volunteer and Artist-in-Residence, John Kendall, handcrafted this one-of-a-kind piece using reclaimed wood (hickory and ash). With a spread of nearly three feet, this impressive cheeseboard will quickly become your signature serveware and the envy of all! Also makes for an incredibly special and memorable gift, and wouldn’t you know it, Mother’s Day is coming up quick!

Measurements: 34″ long x 9 1/2″ wide

ITEM #0051

Pressed Tin Ceiling Tiles: $40 per 2-panel sheet

Saved from an 1800s commercial building, these antique ceiling tiles have character that only comes with the passing of centuries. Beautiful to use as a headboard or framed with salvaged old-growth wood and used as a piece of art.

Measurements: 49″ long x 24″ tall

ITEM #0044

Vintage Coleman Stove: $20

This compact green metal box opens to reveal a 1950s camp stove. Once used to heat up beans and rice out in the wilderness, now a sweet addition to your home! Could be used as a mini-bar or plant stand.

Measurements: 12″ x 18″