Volunteers: We Need You!

Thank you for considering lending your time, energy and talents to the mission of Historic Wilmington Foundation! We are so very grateful. Preservation is powered by people—especially volunteers!

Due to Covid-19, HWF is currently open by appointment only and like many other non-profits, we’re facing some unique challenges. To help us tackle them, we are reaching out to generous community members like you.

How might you lend a hand? We’re putting together three volunteer crews to help out here at our downtown office:

HQ Beautification Crew (6-8 people wanted): Do you love to leave things better than you found them? People in this group will help manage the outer appearance of our HQ, including weeding, weed-whacking, mulching and other landscaping needs, plus keeping the front porch, windows and steps clean and welcoming. If you do not have time or physical ability to work at HWF, but you do have tools or materials to donate or lend, we’d be most grateful for those contributions! Average time commitment: 2-4 hours per month.

Hurricane Prep Crew (4-6 people wanted): The best defense is a strong offense! Folks on this crew will help HWF prep for an imminent hurricane by helping to hang plywood over our windows, move furniture, remove art from indoor walls and otherwise prepare for the storm. All supplies needed to protect our HQ are already onsite, and we’ve developed a Prep Plan; we just need a team of people we can call for hands-on help when a storm is on the way. Ideally, helpers on this crew will live downtown so that getting here is easy. Average time commitment: Hopefully zero hours, but in the event of a storm, plan on 1-2 hours.

Handyperson Crew (2-3 people wanted): Do you know your way around power tools? Enjoy fixing small problems like a leaky faucet, loose doorknob or wobbly-wheeled chair? We would love to have you on our Handyperson Crew, so we can call you for advice or in-person help as small issues arise at HQ! Average time commitment: Minimal (2-3 hours per year).

Interested in pitching in? Email our Office Manager, Blair Middleton, to get started: middleton@historicwilmington.org.

Do you have talents to lend that aren’t listed above, or have an idea of how you might support our work as a volunteer? Please do feel free to reach out with those ideas as well!